The comics club meets every Friday afternoon, next to the library.  We hope to do many things, with three main goals:

  • Promote comic literacy– reading our favorite books and sharing them with others, looking at the art and discussing what we are finding.
  • Creating a Comics Library at Sunnyside– We have a very small graphic novel collection at the school and the books are always checked out, plus there are very few reference books.  If we had more books, we’d have more to talk about and share and more to learn from!
  • Making our own comics- Each week we’ll be working on our writing and drawing skills with short activities and longer projects which we work on over a period of time.


So far we’ve been using scrap paper and pencils from the classroom, but I’d like to suggest the kids bring in a few things each week, this will be especially helpful for the long term projects they are working on:

2 pencils

small hand sharpener

artist gum eraser

fine point black pen

Unlined hard cover art notebook

loose leaf printer paper

Lastly, we’re meeting at 3pm and most of the kids are hungry- we’ve been pooling our leftover lunches together and sharing snacks, with some folks bringing extra.  If you can send an extra snack with your child to share on Fridays it would be very appreciated- bag of chips, carrotts- whatever is easy and reasonable.  Snacks can be left in the morning behind the desk in the library with a note.

Many thanks!



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hiya!

    Hope you guys feel better soon, Shawn.

    Thanks again for starting this club. You bring a huge scoop of joy to our Friday afternoons!

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